Hannam Supermarket
Hannam is always with multicultural community. As multicultural community grows up, Hannam grow up together. When multicultural community has difficulties, Hannam also has difficulties. We will be company that always works together with multicultural community.
Experience Asian culture in Canada!
Hannam Supermarket always trying to think about customer first.

Hannam Supermarket born in 1998 at North road Burnaby. After birth of Hannam, current Korean
retails and community has been grown up around Hannam area. Hannam is the first supermarket, which selling Korean style cabbage and Korean brand of rice. Hannam does not selling not only food product. Hannam does selling many other Asian styles of daily necessities. From all that effort, Hannam become a supermarket, which helps Asian society to have home country feeling in Vancouver. At the same time, Hannam helps non-Asian people to experience Asian culture in Vancouver, especially Asian food culture.

Hannam is always trying to introduce multicultural product to foreigner in multicultural country. Therefore, we distribute our company made Kimchi at Costco. We will always try our best, so that many other foreigners to experience our culture.

Hannam grow up with support of multicultural society; therefore, we will become a company that contributes to multicultural society.

Thank you.
BURNABY #106-4501 North Rd, Burnaby V3N 4R7 | SURREY #1-15357 104 Ave, Surrey V3R 1N5
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